About Us

CGS Technology, Inc., brings cutting edge computer technology directly to you by providing high  quality products and excellent service at affordable prices.


We believe that our unprecedented growth is a direct result of a philosophy of sound business practices highly regarded by the staff of CGS Technology, Inc..


CGS offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of our customers. Our expertise in the computer industry ranges from low-end workstations to the integration of complex rack mountable quad servers and everything in between.


CGS Technology is focused on understanding its' consumers, satisfying their requirements and providing new products and services to the consumers.


With a high degree of communication between our customers and staff, the CGS "team-building" environment encourages our business partners to be involved in the design of their computers, to their own comfort level. CGS wants to make sure our customers enjoy their buying experiences as well as an honest business relationship.


Additionally, our CGS Team believes in and protects long-term relationships to retain return clientele. Our team is fully dedicated to each order regardless of the size. We guarantee to build each computer with the highest quality possible and provide excellent communication support to all our customers.

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